July 18 – almost mid-winter!

Swell conditions have been good lately with lots of surf on the ocean beaches from Portsea to Gunnamatta.  We’ve had consistent North to North Easterly winds which is the best offshore wind for the beaches from Rye to Gunnamatta.

This stretch of beach is subject to the vagaries of wind and tide – so often banks will move around – you could be surfing one week at Gunnamatta and then the banks will move and you’ll end up with good banks at Rye Back Beach or towards Portsea.

This week, I surfed The Gap at St Andrews Beach and First Car Park at Gunnamatta.  Conditions were ideal for intermediate to advanced surfers with the swell in the 1 – 1.5 metre range most of the week.

My preferred board for this types of condition is a shortboard or what’s called a  “Fish” in surfing parlance.

At the moment, my favourite “Fish” is the  SuperFish Two – a  6ft 4” step deck board from GSI (Global Surf Industries).  It’s a bit more buoyant and has a bit more upfront acceleration than more conventional shortboards and is a great board for smaller conditions from one to 1.5 metres of swell.

The mild winter and good swell conditions have also brought the crowds – doesn’t anybody work anymore!